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Beginning in 2006 this was the website for the Nonviolence Festival. The festival has evolved over the years to become the Non-Violence Festival Film • Fair • Concert.
Content is primarily from the site's 2015 - 2016 archived pages offering a glimpse of what this festival offered its visitors.


Welcome to the Nonviolence Festival web site.

Located in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada, the Nonviolence Festival is volunteers working together to build and promote events that raise awareness about the importance of nonviolence.

Nonviolence is a way of being in the world in which liberty is affirmed. It is a choice of action that recognizes equality and celebrates diversity.



International Days of Peace and Nonviolence - Sept 21 to Oct 2, 2016

An annual event with participation from a variety of community groups

Starting with the International Day of Peace (Sep 21) and continuing through to the International Day of Nonviolence (Oct 2), events are planned throughout Kitchener-Waterloo, ON. Our opening event is the Human Peace Sign on Sep 21, taking place at Waterloo Town Square. Other activities held throughout this time are presented by a variety of community groups. They include demonstrations, workshops, game nights and entertainment.

Included in these days are 100 Thousand Poets for Change and Active Nonviolence International Film Festival.

Please visit our website closer to the event for a calendar of events.

Are you part of a community group interested in running or joining an event during this time? Contact us via email or phone: 519-742-2565.



Day in the Park - Summer 2016 - date to be determined - NOON TO 5PM

An annual free celebration on the island at Victoria Park, Kitchener, ON

Free admission, and fun for all!
Community Groups + Vendors + Music + Crafts + Carnival Games + Area of Reflection + Food

A summer celebration that began in 2005, the day features activities for everyone.

Please check back closer to the date for more information on this event.

Are you a vendor or community group interested in taking part? Request a table via email or phone: 519-742-2565.


About Nonviolence

Nonviolence values equality, liberty, diversity, and justice. It describes a state in which liberty is affirmed - recognizing human intention, rights, freedom, and will. As long as we hold the belief that violence is inseparable from human experience we will continue acting in ways that deny the humanity of others.

Nonviolence is a conscious choice that is possible in every situation. Viewed this way violence becomes a signal that indicates a need for change. In all its forms (racial, religious, sexual, economic, etc.) violence creates needless suffering and delays personal and social progress.

Tools that help us realize nonviolence include: introspection, direct communication, compassion, and reconciliation. It is within each of our capacities to grow as we work for a world of nonviolence



Building New Relations

The world is built through our relationships - each of us affecting the other, and being affected by our surroundings.

Building New Understanding

The way we understand the world (our personal values, beliefs, philosophies, etc.) guide what we do in the world.

A change in consciousness equals a change in the world.

Building New Strengths

As we continue to act in the spirit of nonviolence, we grow internally, developing new skills and comprehensions.

By working together in new ways we open the future to new personal and social possibilities.




About Us

The Nonviolence Festival is a volunteer driven initiative based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. We organize activities that raise awareness about the power of nonviolence.

The Nonviolence Festival is connected to World Without Wars and Violence.


The first Nonviolence Fair and Concert was held in 2005, in Waterloo Park. It was organized by volunteers to highlight the many positive activities in Waterloo region.

From this first event volunteers continued to organize other projects to bring people together and to raise awareness.



Active Nonviolence International Film Festival - September 2016 - date TBD

Screenings held worldwide close to the International Day of Nonviolence

ANIFF celebrates the spirit of nonviolence in film. Simultaneous screenings are taking place throughout the world during the week of the International Day of Nonviolence. In Kitchener-Waterloo, ON we will be holding our screening in September). Information specific to our screening will be added closer to the date.

For additional information on the global project, visit ANIFF.

Are you a filmmaker with a project that reflects the theme of the film festival? Contact ANIFF to submit your film.



100 Thousand Poets for Change - September 2016 - date TBD

An annual gathering of poetry, music and art - held internationally



A demonstration/celebration held internationally with poets, artists, and musicians to promote peace and sustainability, 100 Thousand Poets for Change was launched in 2011. It is also a call for social, environmental and political change.

Time, location and performers will be announced closer to event. Check back for further information.

Interested in performing? Contact us via email or phone: 519-742-2565.